Top 7 Tips For Conversing With A Girl

Top 7 Tips For Conversing With A GirlThe idea of approaching a woman you have never met before and initiated a conversation with can be dreadful and frightening to many men. How many times did you see a beautiful young woman passing you by and you were so eager to say something to her but were afraid to take that chance.

How many times have you met some gorgeous looking women in clubs, restaurants, malls, sitting next to you on an airplane but were afraid to even introduce yourself, let alone engaged in small talk? Apparently, starting a conversation with a woman you have never met takes some knowledge, guts, and some practice. The following techniques will steer you in the right direction.Attracting A Woman


1: Change Your Attitude in a Positive and Constructive Way

Have strong faith in yourself. As you are about to approach the woman, keep your cool and do not be afraid of rejection (in case you feel nervous). If you feel nervous, pinch a part of your body and release; that might help to calm your nerves.

2: Make Eye Contact (but never stare at her) and Be a Little Bit Daring

Eye contact is one of the most powerful means of communications. It shows that you are interested in knowing her a bit. It also shows that you are paying attention to her. Before you even start conversing or breaking the ice, make sure that you use eye contact and then quickly take your eyes off her. This helps build a bridge and rapport between her and you, which would allow you establish yourself as a person whom she could trust at least a bit.

3: Break the Ice and Keep Things Simple

Say, “Hi. My name is Joe!” Note that after you say, “Hi,” you must make a brief pause, and then you say your name. Let her respond. It is that simple. You must remember that she does not know anything about you; therefore, it is of utmost importance that you move slowly right now by not providing too much information. The less information that you give her about you at this stage more interested she may become. By the same token, this does not mean that you should act like a tongue-tied individual. You ought to strike a balance between talking too much and allow her to partake in the conversation.

4: Use Conversational Topics Of Interest

Use topics, such as the temperature, the climate, air pollution, noise level, vacation spots, tourist destinations, politics, the economy, to name a few. One of the ways to find out what topic to use with the person you want to speak with is through communication, which should follow the greetings stage.

Get a hint from the words, terms, and expressions that she uses to come up with a fairly good topic of choice upon which will serve as a background for your conversation with her. If you sit next to a woman on a bus, a train, etc., you can initiate a small talk with her and.

You want to make sure that, whatever her educational level, she can comment on your choice of topics. If your topics of discussion are too difficult for her to understand, she will be irresponsive, incompetent, and uneasy. You would have placed a roadblock between her and you.

5: Walk Up To Her, Strike Up a Conversation, and Get Connected

For instance, if you happen to meet her in a park, you might say something like that: “Hi!” “My name is Raul.” (Let her respond.) More likely than not, she would). You must look your best and be your best. Use a smooth but masculine tone of voice. Then say, “I am new in town.” (Even if you are not) “If I may ask, what’s the name of this park?” Or something along this line of thought. After the introduction, initiate small talk followed by a topic of interest, as outlined above

6. Approach Her with a Smile

Approaching a married woman with a friendly smile tells her you are a friendly guy. It does not scream “I am only here for sex.” Many times married women are lonely, which is the driving force behind looking elsewhere for the companionship she is not receiving at home. She feels unappreciated, her husband no longer compliments her and her sex life is most likely non-existent. What she needs, in the beginning, is someone she feels she can turn to in her time of need, a shoulder to cry on. The friendlier you appear, the greater your chances of attracting her to you.

7. Take into Consideration What She is Missing

As you stand and have a conversation with her, consider what it is she may be missing from her life. Remember, there is a reason she is alone and not with her husband. Does she look sad or does she appear ready to take on the world? The first may indicate loneliness, while the second typically tells a tale of excitement – she misses dating and cannot wait to jump back into the scene. If she keeps touching her hair or smoothing her clothing, she may have a confidence issue. This could stem from years of verbal abuse or perhaps lack of attention. Sizing up the situation before approaching her gives you the ability to prepare for what she may need from you.