The Scrambler Unlock Her Legs LUST System

The LUST system in the scrambler unlock her legs has 10 modules. Let us have a quick look to see  what to expect in these modules.

Module 1 : Thinking Counter Intuitively and Garbage Time

It is very important to think and behave intuitively, this is however not the case because many guys are not brought up in such a manner. As much as thinking and behaving in an intuitive way is unpredictable, many guys hardly know that it trends to elicit emotions. There are different ways that you can use to make a woman feel emotional. It is very important to for you to have a better approach to how you relate and interact with women. This should be a simple thing but many guys get nervous and pressurize themselves in making something to happen. Trying to make a perfect impression during early interaction may make everything backfire, guys should learn that women do not really pay attention during the early instances of interaction. The module helps in finds the details of creating the right impression with your lady.

Module 2: Logical Versus Emotional And The Boyfriend Trap

Majority of guys make a mistake of getting too logical when interacting with women. You will not benefit from anything by showing a woman how you can make a good match. Hanging up on logical reasons denies you the chance to be with the girl that you like most and you end up losing a great opportunity. Guys should understand the best way of influencing the behavior of a woman is by engaging her emotions. Another common mistake that they make is thinking that interacting with the woman in a friendly way brings about an attraction and the video course shows more details about this.

Module 3: Riffing and flirting: Attraction under-The Radar

Getting a woman laughing does not necessarily mean engaging in a joke telling session which is a common practice among many guys. If you are a guy who wants to win the attention of a woman, you should always sort attractive laughter to achieve social humor. This step, make you learn how to take advantage of social humor; this can be very effective in eliciting the emotions of a woman.

Module 4: Asserting Muscularity

Many guys misunderstand the concept of ascertaining oneself and masculinity and they hence avoid acting masculine because they want to make the woman more comfortable and they are afraid that they may be rude. What guys should know is that women always are looking for a man who is confident and has leadership capabilities. As a guy, you should take an assessment of yourself and identify the common mistakes that you make when interacting with women. This module helps in ascertaining, whether you are masculine enough to get the girl and what you should do.

Module 5: Understanding Beyond Rapport

Many guys think that they should be in a position to get to know more about women. Many guys make a mistake of seeing a beautiful and attractive woman and talk to her thinking that she will be sexually aroused and sleep with her. You need to understand that women undergo different emotions before sex and are never easily aroused in such a manner. In order to understand a woman, you do not necessarily have to ask her a lot of questions in order to keep her talking. It is very important to relate and connect with the woman in front of you, this will greatly help in establishing a quality relationship. The focus of the module is to move from rapport to where you want her to take in your dating journey.

Module 6: “Mirror, Mirror” – Separating Yourself

Another common mistakes that guys make is seeing an attractive or hot girl and they think that they should project the image back to her. You will only find the hot women pegging you like any other guy. What a guy should do is try to understand the emotions of the woman as this will reveal her ideal image. Try and mirror back to her exactly what she wants seen and this will help you make her develop a deep connection and you get the chance to separate yourself from other guys.

Module 7: Storytelling to elicit emotions

This is very important skill in interacting with any woman. You do not have to be a great story teller or public speaker. If you want to get fast attraction, it is very important to engage in story telling as this greatly helps the woman to understand you. You can get stories from some episodes in your life where you can get interesting stories to tell her. This course tells you the minimum number of stories that should be told to a woman that greatly helps in establishing a connection with the woman before getting sexual.

Module 8: Taking it to a sexual level – Mental Priming

Many guys find it very difficult to make a transition from chatting with the woman or girl to getting things physical. They are faced with different nightmares when they face rejection after making a move. On the other hand, waiting too long before you make a move can deny you a great opportunity to be with the girl. If you want to take things to physical, you need to develop a good strategy, you do not have to get a girl and make a move right away. Course tells how fast or slow you need to react to the girl, to get the desired result and there by decreasing the instances of rejection and embarrassment at the same time maximizing your success.

Module 9: Directing Conversations: “Sexual Snowballing”

Directing conversations is one of the best method of gauging the readiness of a woman for sex. You can simply ask the woman some simple and romantic questions starting with G rated topics and you can slowly increase the sexuality by asking more romantic questions. You can slowly move to the X rated category and you will be in a position to tell whether the woman is ready for sex or not. This module focuses on what questions to ask and how to stop the questionnaire etc.

Module 10: Taking it home “Making Up Her Mind For Her”

A romantic relationship should have some intimacy and this is only achieved when the two of you are in a private place for instance your bedroom. Many guys end up making a mistake in the final stages of interaction by testing the waters and asking the woman to come home. This is an indication of lack of confidence. As a guy, you should be confident enough when telling the woman to come home with you. Being confident is important for a romantic relationship to be established and in order for each one to enjoy the company of each other. By doing this and avoiding the many mistakes that guys make, you will be in a position to win her heart and establish a strong relationship with the woman.

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