The Scrambler Technique Explained

The Scrambler – Learning A Secret Way To Slide Right Into A Girl’s Conscious And Make Her Want You In Her Bed

Fasten your seat belt, because we are about to go deep inside the solitary mind of a woman. We will examine everything in there, sort through the murky and muddled thoughts until we ‘scramble’ out what makes her tick. When we are done, she will be pleading with you to become her boyfriend. The name of the game we are about to play, gentlemen, is ‘Scrambler’, and it works every time.

the scrambler technique explainedWarning: be cautious with this method, it is too effective!

She will travel back in time to when she was 17, fantasizing about the things she likes about you. She will tell her friends about you, and she will have that glow in her skin and eyes which is the unmistakable look of someone smitten…..

And the feeling will not relent. The turbulence of emotions will just keep coming and she will find herself strangely aroused every time she thinks of you. Her legs will become wobbly and her stomach will fill with butterflies at the mere mention of your name. This will go on until she can only think of one thing:

‘I think I’m in love with him’.

This is precisely what you want. At this point, she will be begging you to take her to bed there and then. This rings true every time. The scrambler is that powerful. No woman is invincible to its charms, be it your workmate, a friend, or even an old flame!

Then there is the icing on the cake…

The fact that she is infatuated with you puts you firmly in control here. You will not have to fear her turning you down. In fact, she will be the one afraid of rejection here. She stands the risk of embarrassment, and for once, you get to be the cause of all her sexual fears.

In case you are thinking of all the traffic and the expensive cab rides, hold that thought right there, because you will not actually need to see her. You can use Facebook, Instant Messenger, text message or email, and scrambler will still be as effective as ever.

Slide right into her conscious and have her obsess over you…

A secret only known to scrambler users…

The Scrambler Mind Game

With it, you get a girl to the tipping point. Here, you are firmly in the driving seat. She will always long for your praise. She is the one chasing you here and over time, it becomes an obsession. Time plays out for you because it gets her even more hooked.

Now, listen very keenly.

Taking control is important. Imagine being able to manipulate a girl who would not look at you twice previously. She is now your puppet, and you are pulling her strings. You need to take charge of her emotions and gradually have her fall for you.

..And you are not done yet

She will never be able to say no to you.You can do what you want with her and what is more, you can make it a group! A whole bunch of females lusting after you!

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