The Benefits of Sending Mixed Signals

As a man, you naturally want to prove that you are valuable for your woman. Perhaps all men are programmed the same way. With this, men might think that a woman should know how much they like her. Yet, it’s a big mistake for them. The best thing to attract a woman is to send mixed signals. It helps you to make her think about you over time. Here are some reasons why you should focus in sending mixed signals to her.

Reasons to Send Mixed Signals to Her

  1. It doesn’t make you as a needy and desperate person when it comes to a seduction.
  2. Mixed signals will give you the upper hand as she can’t figure you out.
  3. She will be attracted to you and start to work hard to win your attention.
  4. All women don’t want an easy man.
  5. Women love drama so you should provide what she really craves.
  6. She will anticipate seeing you more.
  7. Mixed signals will make her think that you have the other options.
  8. She will be curious with you.

Enjoy the Game

Those are some reasons why you need to keep sending her mixed signals. It’s a great way to catch her attention. You can learn to multiply the effects of this strategy by reading Unlock Her Legs. In fact, mix signals work both ways. You should learn how to read these signals and turn them into love. These aren’t hard to read and they are quite simple. You should take your time and enjoy this game. Being rush in a relationship isn’t a good thing.

You can play along with mixed signals. It’s the most important step in reading them. Don’t work too hard and think too much about it. Take your time and relax. You can expect something good unless she doesn’t show the same interest. When you flirt, she either flirt you back or not. You can adapt to what she will respond. If she behaves like a mere friend, you should know your place. Love isn’t something that you can force to someone. Overall, don’t ever burst out. Sending and receiving mixed signals may include lots of emotions. Don’t fall for the trap as you will lose her immediately.