She Cast a Spell On You

The Scrambler Mind GameAnd now you’re hers. Dealing with women can be one of the most difficult issues that you as man encounter throughout your life. The Scrambler is here to tell you that even as you get older and more experienced it doesn’t get easier, which is why we have created the Scrambler unlock her legs guide.

Women love a good chase and playing with a man’s mind can be exciting. However, for a man like you it’s confusing and often times, leaves you stumbling all over your emotions to try to figure out what the next in the process is. With Scrambler dating and the Scrambler dating guide we hope that we can help you in the journey you are on.

What you’re experiencing is something we like to refer to as emotional quicksand. The idea that you could potentially be gearing up for a serious relationship when in all actuality the woman you are chasing is playing a game and playing it better than you. Not even the unlock her legs PDF could properly prepare you for the type of games women like that play.

secret girl friendYou know what we are talking about. We have all experienced it at some point in our life. We meet an exceptional woman and having an amazing night of sex. We expect that we are going to hear from her the next day but the communication is few and far between. The Scrambler technique will help you learn how to keep that great sex going but not before you learn to recognize the signs of a woman who is simply playing with your mind.

Suddenly you are face to face with the woman you thought could be the one’ and the process starts all over again. You text hoping for a response but don’t get one. You call only to get a voicemail. There is never a return call and when she does decide to text it’s something sappy that makes you think that she’s really into us and maybe there is a chance after all.

The Magnetic Effect PatternThe vicious cycle continues on like this for a few months. You get your hopes up only to have your dreams of unity with this woman dashed over and over again. As if the emotional roller coaster of hope isn’t bad enough you find yourself trying to talk your way out of the feelings you are truly having. By thinking of all of the things that you hate about the woman that is toying with your heart, you only find that you are being drug deeper into the emotional quicksand with no way out.

Just when you think that it’s almost over and you can move on with your life she suddenly calls out of the blue and reminds you why your heart skips a beat when you see her name come up on your caller ID. When you pick up at 3 a.m. in the morning she doesn’t really want to speak to you, rather she wants to play your favorite song in your ear and than hang up. What does that even mean?

Emotional quicksand can be one of the most difficult things to climb out of. Know that you are not alone on this journey. We have all been there and much like you some of us are still holding out hope that the illusive woman who keeps stringing up along will eventually be exactly what you hoped for, the woman of your dreams. Until than just keeping trying to climb out of the emotional quicksand that seems to have you trapped.

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