Men Need to Avoid Seduction Sins to Get Girls

Seduction becomes one of the methods in getting girls. Yet, men should avoid some seduction sins to succeed. If the girls you like never love you back, it seems you make these sins. The first mistake to avoid is to let her know how you feel too soon. It feels great to confess your feelings. The problem is about the challenge. If you spit out “I love you” too soon, she loses interest. She doesn’t get any further challenge. If women figure you out, they lose interest. They will pull away and get bored. Boredom is your death in a relationship. Don’t let her has you too soon.

Girls Love Cool Guys

Letting her know your feeling too soon is a bad idea. Girls and women like men who are relaxed and cool. They don’t like you to show feelings and emotion too soon. Just make it flows. She loves spending time with a cool guy. Yet, she also likes you being romantic. Confessing the feelings too soon makes you look like a stalker or merely fan. It is a bad thing. Women love challenges. You should be cool and hold it back. Give them room to know you further. She finds you attractive if you are mysterious. Don’t fall into confession too soon.

Be a Bad Boy and Take the Control

Next seduction is to become too agreeable. It’s big mistake to act like heroes and super nice person because you consider her as “girlfriend material”. Perhaps you start to think she’s the one after sharing common interests. You don’t want to mess up this chance to get her. In fact, it’s wrong. Any Girls love drama. Nice guys always lose women they really like. Women get bored to nice men. They look for good drama in life. If girls are pissed off, they perhaps don’t think about you. Women love bad boys. Nice guys are boring. You won’t get the girls you like by being too nice.

Nice guys tend to lose women they like. They do any good deeds for the women such as paying food, buying expensive gifts, and others. In result, they invest too much. Their partner doesn’t spend anything. The commitment of the woman is questionable. Bad boys make the demand. They don’t feel bad to request help from the girls. They make their partner invest. It is a good way to find out the commitment. Don’t be too nice. The relationship is about to take and to give. Let her invests to you as well.

Another deadly sin of girl seduction relates to your effort. Don’t try too hard. The person who tries hardly has lesser power. If she recognizes that she has the control, it’s the end. You lose the game. You should get the upper hand. Girls want to know how much power they have. It depends on how you react to their tests. If you are able to handle the power, the girls are yours. In sum up, any of those seduction sins above are dangerous for men. If you want to get the women you love, you should avoid the mistakes.

3 seduction sins