Men Must Avoid These Toxic Attraction Killers

Naturally, men become aggressive while chasing their target. In this case, it is a woman. Sometimes men do bad habits in seducing woman. There are many toxic attraction killers to avoid. First, don’t send her flowers at work. It’s the sign of desperation. It is not original and lame. If you send her flower, it triggers her alarm. She worries about your behavior. Flowers are a bad issue during her works. It seems romantic but needy. The best moment to give her flowers is during anniversaries. Sending flowers regularly is the sign of lameness. Any man should avoid this attraction killer.

Second, men should avoid confessing their feeling too soon. It’s bad decision to confess our feeling to her. Woman loses interest when she recognizes it too early. She becomes bored if there are no more challenges. The cool and mysterious man is more popular among women. Third, we must not being too available. There are reasons this will turn her off. Mostly, this removes the aspect of mystery. Woman is a curious creature. She will dig up more information about us. It means she is attracted. If we are too available, she becomes bored. There are no more values to chase. Playing hard is the best technique.

Fourth, men should not become misogyny. This behavior turns women of. It’s so unappealing for women. In fact, misogyny is the deal breaker. Women don’t want to get in a relationship with this type of man. The result is the same if we become too judgmental. Women don’t get attracted to judgmental man. No one likes to be judged. She’ll find it rude and annoying. To overcome this problem, we need to accept people for the way they are. Being judgmental is not positive during a date with a girl we like. We should mind our own business.

Fifth, women don’t like the arguer. Naturally, some guys love to argue. They make an argument from any conversation. During a date, arguments only turn a woman down. She feels like being in a political debate rather than a romantic dinner. The arguer makes her feel self-conscious and defensive. A date should be a relaxing and appealing experience. We must create a comfortable atmosphere during the date. Woman avoids stressful condition. The arguer doesn’t get any chance with woman. It’s hard not to argue. To overcome this habit, we should choose more comfortable topics during conversation. She will laugh and smile if we are successful to create good atmosphere in a date.

Last but not the least, woman doesn’t like a robot. Men should be funny during a date. It’s more cheerful and lively. There is an important link between intelligence and humor. Expert says that the smartest men are also the funniest. Woman loves a funny and smart guy. During a date, humor will enlighten the ambiance. Woman is choosier. She doesn’t want a boring and gloomy man. Naturally, any man can be funny. It requires time and practice to make her laugh and comfortable. Yet, being funny doesn’t mean to be a clown during a date.

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