Investing In Relationships: Why She Won’t Jump Into Bed With You

By | July 12, 2015

the scrambler mind gameLet’s take a trip down memory lane for a second here at the scrambler. Imagine you’re just out of college and you’re looking to make a big purchase. You know in the back of your mind that you can afford it because you have an excellent job and have been saving up for a few years. Just when you think that you have it in your mind you know what you want you find yourself stalling. Suddenly that big purchase that you were so confident that you could make is leaving you feeling a little anxious and not so sure of yourself anymore.

Sound familiar? Sounds like the beginning of a brand new relationship which is what The Scrambler Unlock Her Legs guide is here to help with. The type of relationship that just starts as talking, maybe a little bit of friendly flirting but than all of a sudden you start thinking about what’s really going on. Is this new relationship about to take on a new meaning by becoming exclusive? Do you really want to be involved long term with this woman that you have been casually flirting with from time to time? The Scrambler Technique could be the helpful guide you are looking for in this department.

The Scrambler Dating GuideWomen are absolutely no different than you which can be explained more in Scrambler dating guide. She loves all of the attention that you are giving to her with the flirting and talking but in the back of her mind she is having the same type of reservations you are. More than likely she’s debating if you are just friend material or if there could be something more.

There is nothing worse than putting yourself out there for someone only to realize after it’s too late that you’ve made a huge mistake. Much like making an expensive, large purchase there is a lot of time and energy invested into making something work. When things don’t work out it seems like you’ve lost a little piece of yourself along the way.

So maybe she’s not sleeping with you because she’s already beginning to invest herself emotionally. Instead of jumping right in she’s worried that by sleeping with you it could cloud her judgment for long term decision making in the relationship department. After all, she has already invested this much time in you so now she feels like she should tread carefully. No one wants to make an investment that isn’t going to be worth it in the end.

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