How to Win and Get Her into Bed

Scrambler Unlock Her Legs also teach you how to win your woman and get her into bed. It’s actually a game that you should win. It will be bad news if you have involved in a relationship without sex. It could be that you are in the friend zone. You should sleep with her because it’s the only way you win the game. It’s the sign that you own her. You are able to win a game whenever you have successfully unlocked her legs. Winning a woman heart is the first achievement. You shouldn’t do your victory dance yet. Otherwise, you may end up embarrassed.

A victory is when you have slept with a woman you like. On the other hand, she wins if she can ditch the losers. You don’t want to be such man, do you? She also plays this game. If you give in with her hard-to-catch strategy, you end up being a loser. How can you win this game? Make sure that you won’t make her get bored in a date. You should keep her excited until you unlock her legs. Make her obsessed with you and visualize about sleeping with you. This is hard to achieve as it takes both time and effort.

The easiest move to sleep with her is to get close to this woman. If you have the intention in seducing her, you should know her better. Don’t take things timidly or she will be bored. You shouldn’t confess too soon. Be likable. It’s a quite old move. This is where you might warm up for the entire process. Find out what she likes and use it as the main topic of conversation. Play the pull-back strategy to make she thinks more about you. With this, she will be desperate to see you. If you’re lucky, you will get her into bed soon.

the scrambler - rules of the gameNext thing you can do is to get active during the night. Both of you become sexually intimate during the evening. Yet, it’s something that you can do when you are really close to her. Here’s another idea. You must be a mystery for this woman. Remain to be an unpredictable man for her is a must. Lots of men make a mistake by giving out information sooner. If she has collected all of your info, you won’t have the chance anymore to win her attention.

Most men also apply phone sex as bait for the real sex. You can use this strategy as well by sending seductive texts and calls. If she enjoys it, you can proceed into the next level. Both of you will have a nice moment with this naughty calls. Being dirty is a good thing to bring her into bed. It’s a unique way to win the game.

How to Win and Get Her into Bed