How Attention May Lead Into an Attachment

#1 Ingredient to Make a Girl Fall in Love with YouPerhaps you don’t know the phase that women pass through when they are falling in love with someone. Do you know what happens to your girl when she’s all over you? According to Unlock Her Legs, such kind of process is called love loop. It’s the phase when she keeps thinking about you. She begins to develop an obsession towards you. It seems that you have successfully hijacked her minds. If she fights harder, she will fall for you faster. How can you make her get into such process? It’s called irrational attention. If you can master this, you are able to seduce all women you like, even your female friends.

The key is to make a woman thinking about you when you are away. With this, you can make her love you. Attention has a close relationship to an attachment. The more she pays attention to you the more emotionally involved she becomes. It doesn’t matter how charming you are, what kind of social status you have, or anything. The most important thing that matters is that she can’t stop thinking about you. In fact, it shouldn’t be always positive thought. You will find out some women who say how much she hates a man, but she ends up loving him. It’s because she thinks too much about this man.

It’s a common law of science. If a woman thinks more about a man, the more she gets attached to him. You should take advantage of this simple fact. Perhaps you feel the same way about a woman who has been hijacked your mind. When she’s away, you can’t stop thinking about her. Yes, it applies both for women and men. Attachment leads to a tension in mind. In her case, she will think about you so much that she starts to feel addicted to meet you. She needs to see you as she wants to release such kind of physical tension.

Fortunately, you can master the art of attachment. It’s using a mind game that you apply on a woman you like. It’s the best way to make her thinking about you over time. You can scramble her mind until she makes a confession that she’s falling for you. Here’s the basic strategy you can use. Stop being needy! Sometimes you crave for her attention and you keep bugging her with your texts and calls. This is a common pitfall that you should avoid.

Also, you need to be a better alternative for her. Compare all her boyfriends and be the best among them. This sounds a challenging task, doesn’t it? You must make her think that you are the best for her without showing neediness. It may take much time and it will make you tired. You must work hard to be someone she really wants when compared to her exes.

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