Gain Upper Hand With A Girl With These Two Techniques

Every man at some point in his life will have this one woman he really wants to get his way with but just can’t because she’s playing hard to get.

Whenever a man is trying to woo a woman ,he often stands the chance of being accepted, rejected or even worse being friend zoned

This all depends on how you portray yourself……….

Women are very skeptical human beings and they will scrutinize you to the letter. This is why it is important to establish an upper hand over her by how you talk and act you cannot afford to appear meek, women prey on fear. Say for instance you want to take her out on a date ; you can allow her to give you suggestions but the final decision on where and when should be yours.

1. Convince Her Into Treating You For a Drink

Women nowadays appreciate men with feminist ideals.
I mean you don’t have to be vague about it, she might take you for a cheap skate. You can however approach it indirectly. i.e. you can play a game and whoever wins buys the other person a drink, this way it doesn’t appear too obvious.

This should leave her according you a certain degree of importance.  To top it off it should spark an entire array of conversations that might lead to consecutive dates. Bingo! way to go making her get a bit comfortable around you , now its just a matter of time

2. Make Her Feign For Your Approval

Change the game, or better yet play her game. If she decides Hard to get suits her, there’s nothing stopping you from equally raising your standards.

Get your scrambler technique up and running

Slowly change the rules of her game to the point whereby your in the drivers seat and she’s all curled up like a puppy.

Take some time to study your “project”. Figure out what she likes and use it to your advantage.

If she likes baking and there’s a bake sale in your town that weekend why not bump into her, treat her to some pastries and ask whether you could walk her back home.  The key to getting any woman is in being able to contour her emotions to your advantage. Allow her to get addicted to seeking your approval, from what she dresses in to how good a night with her was.

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