Features Of The Scrambler Unlock Her Legs

By | March 4, 2015

Features Of The Scrambler Unlock Her LegsLet me take you through what exactly is the scrambler technique in The Scrambler Unlock Her Legs, which is of course important aspect of this eBook program. Unlock Her Legs is the perfect program for accompanying The Scrambler, which is why it is advisable to get this program, complete the Unlock Her Legs download and go through it first.

Created by Rob Judge and Bobby Rio, the product comes in seven parts, helping you decode a girl’s mindset, understand her emotions, play the game and win her. There is also a two-video course titled ‘The Weapons of Seduction’ that teaches you the nuts and bolts of seduction. You get to learn the psychology of seduction and how to play the mind control tactics in order to win yourself a loving girlfriend.

Once you’re done with Unlock Her Legs, which is like a warm-up session, it is time to delve into more intense lessons and understand ‘what is the scrambler technique?’ This one comes with five major steps which are listed as below:

Main Steps Of The Scrambler Unlock Her Legs

  • STEP #1: Interrupt Her Pattern – In this step, you will learn about how to interrupt the way she is thinking about you at the moment so that you can get her to think in favor of you.
  • STEP #2: The Power Shift – In this lesson, you will be taught how to do the power shift so that it is no longer the girls who play hard to get. If you do this right, you will get to call the shots and have her chase you for a change. Believe me, this is one of the most satisfactory steps in the entire program! It gives an immense boost to your confidence.
  • STEP #3: The Validation – Now that she’s chasing you, she will want your entire attention. She will vie to be the only woman in your life and to get you to focus your interest on her alone. This step teaches you exactly how to get this. After all, who wouldn’t want a bit of pampering and doting on from the opposite sex?
  • STEP #4: Unpredictable Rewards – This lesson will teach you to get her to increase her commitment towards you so that you can shower her with the attention she needs. When this happens, you will be enjoying surprising and unpredictable rewards from her! These rewards are unpredictable because they differ from one woman to another, depending on what they can and will do for their man in order to get them to stay committed to them.
  • STEP #5: Physical Intimacy – This is the most highlighted step in most of The Scrambler reviews because this is the ultimate goal of men going in for these two products. When you follow all the above four steps correctly, you will be led to step five, which is physical intimacy. Here, you will be taught about how to read the signs of a girl getting seduced and how to act upon those signs.

Additional 6 Phases

In order to gain even faster and more enjoyable results, you should also try out six phases that are covered in The Scrambler program in addition to the above five steps. These six phases are listed as under:
1. The Black Out
2. The Reconnaissance
3. The Friendly Fire
4. The D-Day
5. The Chilled Ice
6. The Lust

unlock her legs review lust manualThe L.U.S.T. System

All six phases are covered extensively and are very useful when you need to seduce a girl. In addition to the above two sets, you also get access to the L.U.S.T system after you buy The Scrambler. This system is composed of 10 highly detailed modules available in video form so that you don’t need to do more reading. These ten modules are listed as follows:

1. How to think and counter her remarks intuitively and deal with ‘Garbage Time’
2. Logical Vs Emotional and how to get the better of the ‘Boyfriend’ trap
3. Riffing and Flirting so that you can keep the attraction between you two under the radar
4. How to assert masculinity
5. ‘Beyond Rapport’ – How to understand your lady better
6. ‘Mirror, Mirror’ – How to stand out from the crowd
7. Storytelling techniques and understanding elicit emotions
8. ‘Mental Priming’ – How to prep up her mind and take things to the sexual level
9. Sexual Snowballing – How to converse at this stage
10. ‘Making up her mind for her’ – How to take her home for the jackpot

unlock her legs mind gameAs evident, the L.U.S.T system is all about scoring with girls and taking them to bed, which is why it is the most covered system in The Scrambler Technique Review. It provides real results if you follow the lessons properly.

As if the number of courses and modules provided in The Scrambler Unlock Her Legs isn’t enough, you also get a small complementary course known as ‘Invisible Esculation’. This is to be used together with other courses and lessons in Unlock Her Legs PDF and The Scrambler eBook in order to get even more satisfactory results. Invisible Esculation is basically an in-depth interview with a ‘Love Guru’ or an expert who will educate you on how to build sexual tension in women by doing small physical gestures. This way, they will be all wound up by the time you take her to bed to consummate the relationship.

The Scrambler Unlocking Her Legs – Bonuses

If you think that this is all that the two products offer then you’re mistaken because there are five more bonuses that you get to receive as a customer of The Scrambler Unlock Her Legs. These five bonus courses are complete individual courses in themselves that could be made available for sale. These are namely:

A. The Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence
B. Her Erogenous Zones
C. The Magnetic Effect
D. The Dirty Dozen
E. She’s Sending You Signals
F. Invisible Escalation


the scrambler total packageThus, with Unlock Her Legs you are not just buying a single course but rather a plethora of courses at just a fraction of the cost. The whole thing is extremely worthwhile and it helps you slip into the mind of your girl so that you can make her become obsessed with you and want to sleep with you. If done right, it can also make your girl fall deeply in love with you.

Human beings are social creatures and we crave for human love and company. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be loved by the opposite sex, and these products will help you achieve that if you pay attention and follow them religiously. They create an emotional roller coaster in her and make her be obsessed over you which in turn results in her flipping her approval switch and becoming yours for the taking.

If you have been wanting a girlfriend all your life then these courses will help you achieve this goal. So what are you waiting for? Buy The Scrambler Unlock Her Legs today and experience a colossal change in your life.

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