8 Dating Mistakes Men Should Avoid In First Date

Your shirt is ironed, shoes are polished and you are all set to go for your first date but there is still something to look out when you are getting to know someone new. If you want to leave a good first impression on your lady you must have a look on these avoidable first date mistakes.

man drinking alcohol1) Getting too much drunk

Alcohol generally helps you to relax especially when you are in an awkward social situation, but drinking too much is one of the most common first dating mistakes most of the men commit. Whatever your capacity is, don’t drink more two or three pegs when you are with a beautiful lady for the first time.

secret girl friend2) Talking about ex-factors

Don’t spoil the moment talking about your past relationships and ex-girlfriends. No one wants to listen your sad past and break up saga especially on a first date. If you are all set to move on in life, don’t look back.

boy interviweing his date3) Interview your date

Neither you should talk much about yourself nor annoy the lady with too many questions on the first date. Don’t ask her what motivates her or where she wants to herself after ten long years. Remember it is not a boring appraisal meeting; it’s your first date so keep it light and simple.

man holding mobile phone4) Using mobile phones too much

Don’t waste time checking e-mails, messages or tweets over phone. Since you know how irritating it can be, don’t do it with your date. Being overtly busy with phone can make your impolite to her.

man inappropriate dressing5) Inappropriate dressing

In order to impress her don’t wear something you are not comfortable or used to. Don’t wear something over the top or something very casual. Your dressing should be flattering yet appropriate for the date.

flirting with girl6) Flirting with disaster

Little flirting on first date is OK but don’t overdo it. Don’t say cliched sentences like into “I’ve never felt like this about any girl before” on the very first date. Keeps your conversation engaging sans discussions about marriage, babies and other related things.

boy talking about sex to girl7) Talking about sex

This is one of the most commonly made mistakes that all men do on their first date. Talking about sex on the very first meeting can leave a very bad impression about you, unless you both have decided to get intimate on the first date.

do not unpack luggage8) Rushing to unpack all your baggage

Unpacking all your baggage and problem is another first dating mistake that a few men do. Be honest but don’t irritate someone by ranting on your personal problems. Remember there will be plenty of time to discuss such things when you are in a relationship.

Always remember courtship and dating is a process which later may lead to marriage. No matter how much you can connect with her at emotional level, it’s your first date not an instant relationship. Another thing both the man and woman should remember when you are going for your first date please don’t bring a friend along with you, spend alone time with each other to know better. We all know how nerve wrecking first date can be; a silly mistake and you end up losing a chance of meeting the girl next time. Keep in mind the above mentioned points to impress your lady on the very first date.

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