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How Attention May Lead Into an Attachment

Perhaps you don’t know the phase that women pass through when they are falling in love with someone. Do you know what happens to your girl when she’s all over you? According to Unlock Her Legs, such kind of process is called love loop. It’s the phase when she keeps thinking about you. She begins… Read More »

Don’t be Needy when Seducing the Girl You Like

Here’s the fact. Women don’t like needy men. You can find the reasons why you shouldn’t be a needy person by reading Unlock Her Legs Review. Emotions are the most significant factors to seducing someone that you really like. Unfortunately, men don’t need such kind of thing to win a woman. When it comes to… Read More »

Boredom May Cause The Separation

What is the common pitfall in a relationship? It’s the boredom. Men should know this fact. Women like to hunt something difficult to catch. They don’t want to hunt a weak animal like a rabbit. They want a lion instead. She wants to try hard to get you as they really like challenges. Being cute… Read More »

The Pull Back Strategy

Men often use complicated strategies to attract the woman they want. Is there something easy to gain her attention? This simple strategy doesn’t even need much effort. It’s the “the pull-back” strategy. It’s an effective move you can use to get her attention. You can reduce your calling frequency or not calling for few days.… Read More »

How to Increase Her Sexual Desires

Men sometimes have the problem to get their girl to bed. They are desperate about the methods to boost woman’s sexual desires. Most of the problem is the confusion of behaviors. There is significant different between “get her into bed” and “boyfriend” behavior. You are needy if you display boyfriend behavior first. In result, you… Read More »

Men Must Avoid These Toxic Attraction Killers

Naturally, men become aggressive while chasing their target. In this case, it is a woman. Sometimes men do bad habits in seducing woman. There are many toxic attraction killers to avoid. First, don’t send her flowers at work. It’s the sign of desperation. It is not original and lame. If you send her flower, it… Read More »

Playing Hard to Get Girls You Like

Perhaps some men think it is unfair or fake to play hard when hitting a woman. Yet, it’s proven to be a very effective method to build solid concern in women. Playing hard attracts women more than ever. Women use the same tactics to us. For women, it comes naturally. Do you want to try… Read More »

Men Need to Avoid Seduction Sins to Get Girls

Seduction becomes one of the methods in getting girls. Yet, men should avoid some seduction sins to succeed. If the girls you like never love you back, it seems you make these sins. The first mistake to avoid is to let her know how you feel too soon. It feels great to confess your feelings.… Read More »

It is Time to Scramble the Love Quotient

The thing with understanding girls and love has always been dicey. While once she shows, you are her world, the very next moment you are nobody to her. But what could be the reason why girls suddenly get all cold? The 3 reasons a girl will go cold is because of few main things like:… Read More »