5 Tips For Successful Dating

Men Dating TipsHave you ever seen guys that don’t even look close as good as you do but are more successful when it comes to dating women? Don’t blame yourself for that, you are not the only one that makes mistakes. Let me tell you right now, it is not a gift from Heaven. The key of having a successful dating life is in changing some life habits. I will present you five dating tips that will help you develop a more attractive and confident look.


1) Workout & Diet

On the contrary of popular beliefs, having perfect abs will not win you a girl; female brain is much deeper than that. However, it will help you win YOURSELF. There is no bigger confidence boost than being and looking fit. You don’t have to spend your whole day in the gym to achieve a fit body. Just rewrite your diet and do cardio exercises at least 3 times a week. You will feel more secure which will affect a lot on how you approach and treat women.

2) Love on the first sight

Let’s not be superficial, appearance is an important factor for dating. We all like to see someone with style who cares about his look. Even though there isn’t anything wrong with casual look we all like, there is a certain dressing code for certain places. When I go to a party, my personal task is to look the best I can. The clothes you wear will not only make you look better but it will also send a message to others about you. A fat wallet is not required to buy fancy clothes; you just have to know where to shop.

Style varies from countries and cultures but you can’t go wrong with a combination of a long sleeve shirt and nice suit-like pants followed by leather shoes. Also, an important factor is your hairstyle. The shape and length of your hair can have a great influence on your look. If it doesn’t fit your head shape, it can make you look bad.

That’s why it is important to have a good hairstylist and visit him at least once in 3 weeks.

3) Manners

As I stated before, appearance matters. But it only attracts, personality is what will make you, what we call, and a “keeper”. There are a couple of things you should and should not do in front of a girl so let’s start with that. You should always be polite and gentle. Being known as a gentleman will drastically increase your chance of finding a date in future.

Also, be a listener; don’t ignore her. But that doesn’t mean you should not talk. However, what you most definitely shouldn’t do is talk about gym, sports or cars. It will probably bore her. Engage mutual topics, topics you think she would enjoy talking about as much as you would. A little trick I like to do is subtly finding out what she likes via Facebook or such and pretends I like those things too.

It is not a noble thing to do but it can be a conversation starter. If later, after two of you start dating, you tell her you pretended on purpose just because you didn’t know how to approach her, she will most probably take it as a cute thing. Nothing to worry about, after all, you did manage to date her, didn’t you.

4) One of greatest fears; the First date

First date can be quite intimidating. Well, it does depend on your personality but in most cases, if you like a girl, you will be nervous about your first date. Tip of the day – RELAX. If she accepted to go out with you that means you already did 80% of the job. No girl will ever accept a date if she can’t imagine herself with you in future. Those are the good news. But here comes some bad news. First date will completely affect your whole future with her.

From the things you wear to the place you take her to. You have to plan it. However, you shouldn’t dictate everything. You should give a freedom of choice. The best solution for this is to expose your recommendations and ask her to pick one of them. Don’t rush anything; let it flow with the wind. It is okay to offer to pay on the first date but if she insists on splitting the bill, do so. Women like to have their independence and not letting her have it will offend her to the point she may never go out with you again.

5) Right Moment To Make A Move

Moving on the second base, it is hard to recognize when is the right moment to make a move. However, that is something that you will feel. If you feel that a mutual connection between the two of you is established, you can make a move. I strongly advise that before you do it, in order to have 100% success, you make a little test on her. As for an example, touch her hand see how she reacts. If she reacts as she is uncomfortable and pulls her hand that might mean she is still not ready or doesn’t want to move on a next stage. But if she doesn’t react in a negative way that might be a sign she is ready.

That is, of course, an example for a first kiss. To make a next step from there to a more intimate step like sex, you should be patient. Well, it actually depends on what kind of a girl she is and in what direction you want your relationship to go. If you just want a one night stand then you can try and invite her to your place for a drink. If she accepts than you have a sex deal sealed. However, with rushing, you are putting a great risk on ending your relationship right there. As I said before, just flow with the wind. Time will indicate you when to do what. Just be confident, good looking and smart-thinking, you will see progress in no time.

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